Initial Teacher Education

Practical, creative and inspiring Professional Development for future Victorian Educators

SongMakers are reaching into classrooms of the future!

Partnering with Universities like Melbourne University, we aim to provide initial teacher training opportunities through the SongMakers Program. Offering insights into practical, creative and collaborative songwriting across curriculums, this program ensures future educators are equipped with valuable, creative and inspiring tools before entering the classroom.

This is a free one-day workshop for all people who are currently studying education.

While we will prioritise music educators, we encourage teachers of all disciplines to apply.

SongMakers has created curriculum resources in the form of unit outlines, lesson plans and activity sheets for Year 7-10 music teachers. You can access these via our year 7&8 and year 9&10 resources pages.

The Victorian SongMakers program has been made possible with the support of the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and the Community Support Fund.