From the Studio to the Stage

If you've participated in a Victorian SongMakers School Workshop or Holiday Program, you can apply for the first SongMakers From The Studio To The Stage Program

From the Studio to the Stage will give 16 young creatives the opportunity to work with mentors over an 8-week period to learn the art of taking a song from the studio to a live performance setting, receive tips on stagecraft, planning and delivering a gig and diversifying income streams as a songwriter and artist.

The 8 week mentorship program will culminate in a live performance opportunity for all participates. This all-ages event will be held at a live music venue in Melbourne and will be attended by local music industry professionals providing networking opportunities for those involved in the program.

From the Studio To The Stage Program will begin early November with the live performance event held in December.

Applications will open from March 2024.

This program is open to anyone who has participated in a SongMakers in-school or Holiday program.

The Victorian SongMakers program has been made possible with the support of the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and the Community Support Fund.