“It was awesome. We all had a blast. Rai and Robert were great mentors and the students (and teachers) learnt a lot.” Elizabeth Popovic, Teacher.

I’ll Take You There by Michael Catanea (Good Samaritan), Davide Amitrano (Clancy), Anthony Bruno (Clancy), Alex De Martin (Clancy) and Connor Pendlebury (Clancy)

New Generation/Heartbreak by Madelaine De Leon (Good Samaritan), Monika Carabello (Good Samaritan), Victoria Criniti (Good Samaritan) and Natalia Raso (Good Samaritan)

Talking About our Love by Raymond McAteer (Good Samaritan), Adon Villaverde (Good Samaritan), James Guerra (Good Samaritan), Zahra Huynh (Good Samaritan) and Grace Riotto (Good Samaritan)

Heartbreak by Mary Fifita (Good Samaritan), Miracle Temareti (Good Samaritan), Karl Ambosta (Good Samaritan) and Te Raana Pari (Good Samaritan)