What is SongMakers?

SongMakers is all about contemporary music. It’s a program aimed at musically-engaged senior students in schools where there is a strong commitment to music education. We’re addressing a curriculum area where many teachers say they struggle in meeting students’ needs (contemporary songwriting and production), and emphasising creative collaboration. There is no charge to participating schools.

SongMakers is just one way to help encourage a stronger culture in Australia of creating commercially successful contemporary music and support contemporary music education in schools.



We take Australia’s top songwriters and producers in to schools to work with senior students on creating and recording original songs in a two day workshop.

In the workshop we present the elements of songwriting, co-creation and production and give students access
to some of the biggest names in music, right there in the classroom.


Through mentorship, we:

  • transfer real world skills to students around composing, collaborating, arranging, writing lyrics, and using the latest available technologies to create, demo and distribute new songs;
  • promote student engagement by linking students’ in-school and out-of-school interests and experiences;
  • give students the opportunity to work with some of the most successful Australian songwriters and producers in the business
  • make Australian Curriculum-aligned resources available to all Australian schools, even those who do not host a workshop;
  • provide skills training to the mentors to help them make the transition from ‘studio to classroom’.

The program first piloted in six schools in late 2013, growing to 50 schools each year after that. The program’s development was guided by a National Advisory Group made up of representatives from school education authorities and from industry, to make sure it met the changing needs of students and teachers over time.

SongMakers is an initiative of APRA AMCOS whose 100,000+ members are songwriters, composers and music publishers. APRA AMCOS licenses organisations to play, perform, copy, record or make available its members’ music and distributes the royalties to its members.


Research shows a connection between music education and music export success.

Sweden, for example, is the world’s top exporter of music – and there’s a lot more to it than ABBA. Swedish songwriters are behind many of today’s top charting Billboard songs by artists such as Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Pink. Songwriting and recording together is a mainstream activity for young people in Sweden, thanks to a strong tradition of public funding to music education and to developing and encouraging new writing.