Come Together




In early August 2023, we partnered with Queenscliff Freeza and Queenscliff Music Festival and put on a SongMakers workshop in the lead up to their battle of the bands event, Come Together. The result was 9 schools, 9 bands and a whopping 9 songs – in just two days.


Host school

Surf Coast Secondary College

Participating schools

Surf Coast Secondary College, Lorne College, Bellarine Secondary College, Oberon High and Sweethearts Band


Katie Wighton, Jackson Phelan, Mookhi, Al Parkinson and Chelsea Warner



Eddie by Watson, Stevens, Rosman, Athanasiou, Mackinnon (School: Bellarine Secondary College)

Ignited by Osta-Meier, Reynolds, Wallis, Dixon (School: Lorne College)

My Time by Gibb, Kingston-Brown, Dean, Tewhatu (School: Surf Coast Secondary College)

New Moon by Grant, Phillips, Gustafsson, Burgess (School: Oberon High)

Binded by Grieve, Sheedy, De Vries, Anderson, Jarvis (School: Sweethearts Band)


Host school

Belmont High

Participating schools

Belmont High, Geelong High, Kardinia International College and Clonard College


KLP, Rromarin, Elizabeth M. Drummond, Reggie Banks & DVNA



Led Me On by Williams, Cole, Schroeter, Masters, McAvaney, Huang, Avietti (School: Belmont High)

Roland by Jones, Elliot (School: Geelong High)

Get It Again by Robinson, Strachan, Borschmann, Roberts, Di Stefano (School: Kardinia International College)

Kill The Memories by Olsen, Jones, Elliott, Vasilevska, Alvaro, Cero, Reed (School: Clonard College)


Bellarine Secondary College, Belmont High, Clonard College, Geelong High, Kardinia International College, Lorne College, Oberon High, Surf Coast Secondary College & Sweethearts Band


Belmont High & Surf Coast Secondary College


Aug 2023


Katie Wighton, Jackson Phelan, Mookhi, Al Parkinson, Chelsea Warner, KLP, Rromarin, Elizabeth M. Drummond, Reggie Banks & DVNA