Canning Vale College




“The students were absolutely enthralled and both Kav and Andy were very approachable and friendly, giving the students confidence with what they were producing and putting them at ease. It was great to have an authentic real life experience with the music industry which is such a mystery to the students, and to hear first hand about their experiences and stories. We all loved it!!!” Rebecca Harrison, specialist music teacher.

Shadow by Nadia Shaw, Tyler Kirk, Leah Talley and Rachel Law

I will Replace by Siska Sands, Emilie O’Neill, Kirtana Sekaran and Nicole Nice

The Cripples (The Man That Once Was) by Caleb Purvis, Shaun Kirkham, Ryan Fava and Jackson Mail

What’s Wrong with the World (Where the Moons Collide) by Nic Cullen-Lucas, Jarred Osborne, Hayden Ryan and Liam Robinson


Canning Vale College


Canning Vale College


May 2014


Kav Temperley & Andy Lawson