Mindarie Senior College 2021

2 Me by Phobubpa, Harrison, Day and Basham Spilt Milk by Morton, Louange, Weaver and Dartnell Mayday by Hjelte-Lachs, Basten-Jess, Smyth and Atherton Energy by Fowler, Jones, Leefe, Jacobs

Bellarine Secondary College 2021

Session 1 Frog Pond Insidious Lack of Motivation Mayday Session 2 Blind Spot by Mason, Bird, Daniels and Reading Other Side of the Moon by Ellis, Mohr and Ramos Colours by McGuinness, Camm, Thornton-Moebus and Wytkamp Never Better, Never Worse by Sutton, Baker, Powell and Homling

Hobart College 2021

Funk is for the Weekends by Vincent, Robinson, Robinson, Giudici, Peters and Beeson Purple Skates by River, Cousins, Horne, Tabor and Vavoulas

Canberra College 2021

Closing Open Doors (For Myself) by Papastamatis, Boldeman, Harding and Marin Heavy by Kaye, Cusick, Farrington and Simpson Leave Me by McNaughton, Carpenter, Schroder and Gray Read The Room by Cheyne-Dobrowolski, Drabsch, Boxshall and Hastings

Coolum State High School – May 2021

Meant To Be by White, Samson, Wilkie and Troy Jupiter’s the Villian by Campbell and Cooper Always You by Mai, McKenna, McKenzie and Rowden Losing My Mind by Greatbatch, Danswan, Hadden and Drew

Wirrenada Secondary School

Tell Me by Breese, Cannon and Robinson Stand Strong by Overeem, Sams, Jones and Whalan The Innocent Ones by Wenham, Stoker and James Stuck Between by Brinkworth and Maltby

Newtown 2021

Don’t Wanna Talk: Whitehead, Bassett, Platonova, Lucas & Murphy So Hard: Lucas, Bassett, Schulz, Coady & Fox Down & Out: Laga’aia, Workman, Tilly, Forsell & Edson Thief: Gonzalez Pardo de Santayana, Autarouski, Hamilton, Guo & Pickup

Don College 2021

Own Two Feet: Gaffney, Eaves & Spratt Space of Mine: Smith, Harrison & Woods Help: Bradburn, Boys & Kempton