Boyup Brook DHS 2017

Can’t Trust ‘Em: Keightley, Staniforth-Smith, Webster & Ivey Chatter: Inglis, Roughley, Jahansen & Clark Get me Outta Here: Webb, Parker, Frost & Mantach You Only Live Once: Nield, Knapp, Curran-Jones & Willcox

North Albany SHS 2017

Don’t Forget: Abarca, Tidswell, Clarkson & Holland Lead Myself Astray: Gilich, Jackson, Luscombe & Tidswell Tell Me Why: Adami, Robinson, Dee Ler Moo & Anderton Without You here: Blogg, Stedman, Norment & Boyce

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus 2017

Raise your glass: Boyle, York, Donovan & Watkins Set in stone: Goodwine, Gardner, Boyle & Burrell Devils gate: Brotherton, Haberfield, Kelly & Williams Shooting star: East, Marrell & Lam Kim

Mindarie Senior College 2017

Lost in Silence: Parker, Welch, Jones & Morton See Into Your Mind: Wynd, Harris, Nelson & Savage-White Groundhog Day: Ranauro, Creswick, Buytels & Lander Watch The Rain: Taylor, Brand, Jones & Simpson

St Norberts College 2017

Can’t Get You Off My Mind: Biddle, Antero, Jnah Juggessur & Tlumang Ghost: Dobbie, Nocolaidis, Woo & Acott Memory Lane: Cruz, Potger, Quimco & Cupitt-Neville Stop: Coniglio, Eaton, Eaton & Miller

Bellarine Secondary College 2017

River’s Running: Hume, Finlay, Smith & Thomas Peach Coloured Snakes: Meredith, Hodge, Woodley & Lynch Lost In My Mind: Lamb, LeFever, Boungiorno & Cosford See You Tonight: Black, Wilson, Hughes & King

Timboon P-12 School 2017

My Mind Is A City: Delaney, Rosolin, Berry & Sawyer Drowning: Roberts, Barnett , Storer-Reeves & Beaton Got to Do this On My Own: Tanner, McKenzie, McKenzie & Matthews Better Off Without You: Fitzpatrick, Bartlett, Walters & Williams

Princess Hill Senior College 2017

15 Tonnes: Cornelius, Passi, Richardson-Dunai & Tait It’s True: Bowers, King, Phillips & Pungitore Looking Through Glass: Barker, Lebbos, Seal & Robinson Waste of Time: Brown-Shaw, Pilkington, Ramsay & Dobson

Ballarat High School 2017

April Blues: Wynen, Hills, Armstrong & Sim Insensitivity: Maki, Rieth, Evans & Wright Red Rat: Kelly, Martin, Clayworth & Benda Times Are Changing: Cross, Hancock, Nichols & Nesci