North Lakes Senior Campus 2016

Once in a Lifetime: Leis, Vincent, Collinson-Davison & Liu My Way Home: Cung, Bahler, Jorgensen & Allen Monster in Disguise: Broad, Pratt, Pullen & Sing Shadow Obscura: Carnelo, Cristian, du Boulay & Aleonar

Mazenod College 2016

Clouds Are At Your Feet: Holmes, Boase, Vanzetti, Murphy No One Like You: Tangney, Oorschot, Cunnold & McMahon Through The Space In The Air: Shelly, Moore, Robinson & Johanson Velcro Man: Borbas, Johnson, Eldridge & Pope

Leeming Senior High School 2016

Minds Meet: McCooey, Grisdale, Chew & van der Velde My Life as a Person: Whitewall, Chew, Wedille & Miller Sunkissed: Joarder, Zaman, Lowerg & Quan This Love Will Last: Jaya, Taplin, Krudsen & Ha

Mindarie Senior College 2016

Rise Up: Scheffer, Gillet, Atherton & Jackson Please Come Home: David, Wilkes, Savage-White & Edwards Hold On: Sloss, Ranauro, Nelson & MacKenzie I Will Not Fall: Visso, Lube, Buss & Haliday

St Norberts College 2016

I’m Gone: De Hoedt, Anderson, Murphy & Mina Nothing: Wright, Acott, Lyon & Antero Open: Jenkins, Coniglio, Quimco & Taylor Every Second Counts: Sheeler, Cupill-Neville, Leadbetter & Palermo

Irene McCormack Catholic 2016

Good Intentions: Hughes, Summers & Donelly Last Week: Rose, Holloway, Anderson & Turner People Say: Capon, Estraella, McNamara & Hardy Silence in the Rain: Lou, Erikson, Temple & Pearson

Southern River College 2016

I Miss You: Champion, Saringer, Herold & Datu Not Meant to Be (Something Else): Tamblyn, Green, Morris, Iau & West See the Light: Viduya, Stuart, Lidell & Ismail Won The Flight: Guadagnino, Woolhead, Bryntesson & Pola

Ellenbrook Secondary College 2016

Got to Let you Go: Dowe, Healy, Smaill & O’Gorman I Realise: Morey-Ludlow, De Santis, Lintern & Roscoe If You Care: Bernardo, Sweet & Tiley Let Go: Lintern, Trotmen & Pope

Willetton Senior High School 2016

Abandon Fear: Yii, Pitts, Pettersson & Pettersson Give or Take: Liew , Roennfeldt, Park & Wynne-Kinshela Strange Hums: Jakovich, Williamson, Robinson & Tan Voices: Moreschi, Ang, Wu & Lugovsky

Bellarine Secondary College 2016

My Brother’s Face: Viola, Denham, Crawford & Cope Change My Tone: Moriarty, Devonport, Heine, Campbell & Darkes Let Me Go: Nichols, Raines, Cockerell & Minton Trouble In The Waves: Demajo, Waugh, Druden & Coysh