Armadale Senior High 2015

Coming Home: Bonham, Kaio, Lewis-Bidenell & Muilally Have Fun: Geerlings, Magana, McFadyen & Porter Lost Thoughts: Cornelius, Fruin, McFadyen & Waterman New Beginnings: Hesketh, James, McIvernball & Scarvag

Irene McCormack Catholic College 2015

One Night Only: Baxter, Haselden-Wood, Lakatani & Collinson House of Cards: Davis, Henning, Kidd & Whiting Where Do We Begin ( We Are Young): Axiak, Manuel & Hill Falling (to the ground): Ayalde, Butler, Humble & Walsh

Mercy College 2015

I Can: Arakua, Samuels, Sein, Aung & Le Intertwined: Wenden, Twine, James & Young Shadows: Cox, Goerka, Warzin & Jones Moving Far: Trinh, Fleay, Tran & Chau

Point Cook 2015

Done With You: Mitchell, Kerr, Kidane & West Lost: Williams, Fergusson, Bryson & Wooles Waiting: Harrison, Voss, Burke & Bruce

Nazareth College 2015

Get Out: Aliaga, De Lisen, Bonnefin & Holden Hurry Home: Smith, Day, Leigh & Bateson Have Faith: Martusciello-Walker, Mucha, Sota & Bolano Other Girl: Lim-How, Pham, Mendoza & Azémia

Claremont College 2015

(I Feel) Stronger Now: Smith & Weeding Keep On (Andy’s Demo): Plummer, Jones, Mayne & Loveless Let Me Down (Better off these years): Hall, Taskenin-Smith, Barnes & Del Carmen Brick Wall by Graham, Hall, Daniels & Holzberger

Elizabeth College 2015

Curb Crawler: McLaughlin, Gardner, Riley & Saville Hear You Say I Love You: Spizick, Mijojevic, Baxter & Hunniford Lonely Road: McAlpine, Findlay, Bryant & Arnold Summer Romance: Folvig, Dieckfoss, Bond & Sherrin

Marryatville High School 2015

Different Ways: Poulain, Zhclanovich, Jeong, Li & Hogan Easy Part: Ferguson, Todd, Strempe & Aué Like You: Machin, Sanders, Kwon & Suphke Losing My Mind: Craig, Markov, Nathan & Hawksley

Unley State High 2015

Close to Freezing: Judson, Clarke, Bosisto & Roselt Have You Ever: Paul, Trotta, Downing & James I Knew It Was You: Batic, White, Shafeeg & MacDonald Unclear: Adlington, Wilson, Stott & Cheng