Lakeland Senior High 2014

Whirlpool by Rebekha Crook, Samuel Cain, Nathan Vandaveild and Jake Gillespie Been Thinking ’bout You by Caitlyn Adams, James Crisp, Jaydon O’Neil and Jasiah Tini You Are Just Someone Else by Josephine Knight, Kiara Place, Jacob Owen and Emmie Millson I’ll Be There Too by Tanaya Harrop, Shannon Burns, Ahmad Rayis and James Ronnert

Ocean Reef SHS 2014

Heart is on Fire by Shaun Davis, Beth Butler, Thomas Webster and Harvey Thomson Get out by Immi Vaudenberg, Rania Al-Hanbali, Kaileb Talbot and Dina du Plooy The end by Jessie Holland, Katie Lee, Jessica Tilport and Jayden Gunning River by Toni Taylor, Larrisa Diaz, Amy Muir and Harriet Welsh HERE (What the Hell) by …

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Sth Fremantle Senior High 2014

“It was great, the students had a great time and learnt a lot, both Kav and Anna were fantastic.” Mike Gowland, Music Teacher-in-Charge “I got a real sense of their [Anna & Kav’s] experience. It has given me an idea of what is out there waiting ahead for me.” Jessah, year 11 Music student. Lost …

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Canning Vale College 2014

“The students were absolutely enthralled and both Kav and Andy were very approachable and friendly, giving the students confidence with what they were producing and putting them at ease. It was great to have an authentic real life experience with the music industry which is such a mystery to the students, and to hear first …

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Cyril Jackson Senior College 2014

‘It was fantastic!’ Cassandra King, music teacher. Can You Hear Me/ Since You’ve been Gone by Vanessa Hopes, Rhys Tito, Simone Beacham and Htwa Reh Devine Intervention by Maddison McCafferty, Kamyar H Zadeh and Ke Nethpijm Za Dal I’ll Meet You There by Jackson Frawley, Dale Nelson, Jacob Borgward and Joshua Burns She Sees Me/Short …

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Como Secondary College 2014

“Wow what a fantastic experience. The students were so motivated and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Kav & Anna were fabulous to work with.” Helen Turner, music teacher. Don’t Know by Caitlin Skamp, Tracy Hobson, Sandra Goh and Lara Bailey Inside by Lilly Roberts, Kaylee Rowe, Fiona Crocker and Cameron Mann Burn by Rochelle Riazatim, Darcy …

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Ballarat High 2014

“The 2 days were absolutely fantastic. We are so lucky to be involved in this project. It has had a profound effect on us all.” Bryn Hills, Damien Woods, music teachers A Thousand Secrets by … Elephant by Jack Whitby, Daniel Davies, Finn Pettitt, Blair Williams and Emma Fowkes Heavy On Me by … Space …

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Kilbreda College 2014

Hostage by Sophia Ipsaros, Samantha Hargreaves, Rachel Healy, Adriana Ipsaros Try by Giorgia Cahoon, Onella Muralidharan, Nianh McGrarry, Jessica Hutcheson Keep On Going by Kate Lethlean, Katherine Gale, Amanda Hargreaves, Rachel O’Hehir Burn It Down by Daisy Wells, Tamsyn Lock, Lynn Bui, Katerina Monteith

Blackburn High 2014

Hurricane by Emma Jeffery, Sam McKay, Jayden Younger, Gemma Hooper Crossroads by Leigh Beattie, Che Ioannou-Booth, Kate Fyander, Benji Sametz Rich Man Poor by Allegra De Gleria Clark, Caitlin Hurley, Tany Law, Julie An History by Bridie Ronalds-Greatbatch, Eliana Parratt, Quynh Nguyen, Susanna Hill

Taroona High School 2014

DIY DUI by Aleks Folvig, Hamish Collidge, Zena Mohemed, Ali Mahjouri-Hearey Don’t Know What to Think by Lexi Fox-Hughes, Lauren Davidson, Jennah Lockley Make Believe by Finn Carter, Jack Riley, Kya Ganey, Ellie Fraser Months