Warners Bay 2024

Forever Can Wait by Holland, Dennis, Lord Gale Bittersweet Revenge by Carter, Lehman, Winley, Searles Sick Of The System (SOTS) by Brown, Atterby, James, Millar Wilson Shine Bright by Snowden, Kleynjan, Bromhead, Ray

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Burwood Girls 2024

Eviction Notice by Bartlett-Trewin, Bowen, Martin, Watkins Observer by Greenwood, Keens, Nguyen, Evans I See You by Granato, Andrews-Arabi, Magosso, Coren The Summer of 2019 by Valdes, Propper, Anastasia, Siu

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Castle Hill 2024

Without You by Yu, Tham, Gan, Saad Calling Out For Me by Sangameswar, Browne, Richards, Bello Feeling Like Spotify by Garg, Tsui, Naidoo, Mendes-Shineberg Good Times by Byoun, Pascua, Chenfang, Shun

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Don College 2024

Alone Tonight by Lines, Black, Williams, Haberle Who Am I To Say by Crossey, Geddes, Barton, Gore Leave Me Out To Dry by Page, Hodge, Billing, Catlin Take Me Away by Saunders, Lynd-Williams, Daud Ishs, Thow

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