Big congrats to Campbelltown Performing Arts High School in SW Sydney!

One of the songs written at the school’s SongMakers workshop has been chosen to mark Australia’s part in World IP Day, a United Nations initiative that celebrates the role of intellectual property in creativity and innovation.

The theme for 2015 World IP Day – celebrated each year on April 26 – is “Get up, stand up. For music.”

Live it (how you wanna) was written by Akosita, year 10, and year 12 students Alexander, Junior and Nathan, in a SongMakers workshop mentored by Rai Thistlethwayte (Thirsty Merc) and producer, Robert Conley (Kiss, Ricky Martin, Tina Arena, Destiny’s Child).

It was chosen from more than 200 SongMakers songs by a group of Australian creative rights organisations collaborating on the World IP Day initiative. The four co-writers share $2,000. This is paid to them as a license fee in exchange for their permission to use their song and recording on this site.

Lori Flekser, Executive Director of the IP Awareness Foundation, said: “World IP Day is a terrific initiative that highlights the importance of intellectual property and the negative impact of lost revenue from piracy and illegal downloads to all creative industries, including music, film and television.”

Guy Gross, President of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers, whose award-winning international body of work as a film and television composer ranges from his BAFTA-nominated score to The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert to the US sci-fi seriesFarscape, said: “Congratulations to these talented young songwriters and to Songmakers for nurturing new talent. And it’s great to see World IP Day bringing into focus the importance of respecting copyright.  If creators are to have a sustainable career in the music industry, they need to make money from their work.”

Lori Flekser added: “In a world where people find it acceptable to steal content, how will the next generation of creatives earn a living, as Guy Gross has done, from writing music for films and television programs that screen to millions of people across the globe?”

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About World IP Day

Themed differently each year, World IP Day – April 26 – began in 2000 and aims to increase general understanding of intellectual property. It is co-ordinated by UN agency, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), created in 1967 “to encourage creative activity and promote the protection of intellectual property throughout the world.”

WIPO says: “The music we enjoy today comes from the inspiration and hard work of thousands of creative people around the world – singers and songwriters; musicians and publishers; producers, arrangers, engineers and many others. We will look at how music gets from creators to consumers, how all those involved in bringing us music can make a living, as well as the future of our relationship with music.” Hashtag: #worldipday

About the Partner Organisations

The creative rights organisations behind Australia’s World IP Day 2015 song initiative are: APRA AMCOS; the Australian Screen Association; the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation; and the Australian Guild of Screen Composers.