What does making music mean to you in your life?

Not only is making music the way I make a living, it’s also my favourite hobby and biggest passion. I consider popular music (albums and songs) very important pieces of art, as valuable as the paintings of great masters or the films of the best film makers.

What’s the single best piece of advice you could give to an aspiring producer?

Work harder than you’ve worked at anything else and always be the last one standing.

What’s your favourite piece of work-related technology/app and why?

For me it’s probably the Guitar Toolkit on my iPhone. It means I can tune any stringed instrument, find out what any chords are on the guitar, play along to different metronomes and hear scales. These things aren’t second nature to me so it’s good to have that reassurance in my pocket.

For you, what’s the best thing about being a SongMakers mentor?

The students have inspired me with their honesty and team work. I’m proud of what they manage to come up with in just 2 days, it’s like they were bursting to have this opportunity to express themselves and I’m so chuffed I get to be the one to help them do that. It’s also great to watch people surprise themselves with their own talent!

What’s your theory about why there are so few female producers?

There’s no theory, I find it very bizarre that there aren’t more. There are always a few in the college classes I lecture at but for whatever reason they never seem to cross over into the working world. Some women are definitely put off by the all/mostly-male working environment, but I grew up with brothers only and feel totally comfortable in the company of men. Music production is a hard, testing apprenticeship and it may just be a coincidence that the ones who make it out the other side are male. I’m hoping to inspire at least ONE young aspiring, female producer through the SongMakers programme!